Chocolate Chia Seed Collagen Pudding

(gluten-free; dairy-free)

Today is another spring cleaning kind of day. Made a pretty major move and took all of my "work" clothes from my office job (suites, blazers, dress pants, etc.) and moved them all into the closet in our spare bedroom. One day, once I muster up the guts, I think I'll get rid of all it completely. 😮 But one big move at a time folks. ✌🏼

Love prepping snacks that I can just store in the fridge and eat during the week. Chia seed pudding is definitely my go-to, but this time I mixed it up a bit and made a chocolate coconut almond protein pudding and it was pretty delish. 👌🏻

  • Califia Farms BetterHalf unsweetened coconut cream/almond milk blend
  • NuNaturals unflavored gelatin
  • NuNaturals sugar-free cocoa syrup
  • Dutch cocoa powder
  • Sports Research collagen peptides (omit if vegan)

Beat the mixture until mixed well and leave in the fridge for a few hours to stiffen. I also added some chia seeds for some extra thickness. 😍 The consistency was super thick and pudding-like and was sooo good. I drizzled with NuNaturals cocoa syrup + Dutch cocoa powder and downed most of it in like 2 seconds. 

Back to cleaning out the closet. Wish me luck.