Gluten-Free Pasta Salad

(gluten-free: dairy-free)

With summer right around the corner and warmer weather approaching, I tend to think about summer-time foods. As a kid, my family used to eat macaroni salad alll the time, it was such a fan fave. It was filled with regular pasta, mayo, and tuna from a can. Obviously it was delish, but not exactly nutritious. 

I wanted to make something for Easter since it was a beautiful day, so I did a different spin on this old school go-to.

  • Tolerant Foods organic red lentil pasta (21g of protein per serving and FILLED with fiber)
  • Primal Kitchen Foods mayo (made with avocado oil)
  • Wild Planet Foods wild albacore tuna
  • Organic chopped celery

It is literally one of the easiest sides to make, and it’s SO much better than the alternative. Anyone who brings this would obviously be MVP / the life of the party (...I’m obviously only saying that because I brought it to a party this past weekend ;)