Homemade Gluten-Free Chocolate Granola


So I've been pretty obsessed with granola lately. There are so many incredible brands out there now that are gluten-free, low in sugar and taste pretty darn amazing. I'll admit nothing beats making your own...because you can put whatever you want (or don't want) in it. 🙌🏻

I used Rachel Mansfield's (rachlmansfield.com) recipe as inspiration to make a homemade chocolate granola with allll the goods. Super low in sugar and of course, delish. 🙌🏻

I threw in GF oats + unsweetened coconut flakes + chickpeas + chia seeds + flaxseeds + slivered almonds, pumpkin seeds + sunflower seeds + cashew butter + coconut oil (mixed with some Sports Research MCT oil) + NuNaturals Dutch cocoa powder + cinnamon 😍

After roasting the chickpeas with nut butter, cinnamon and coconut oil, I mixed all of the remaining ingredients together and roasted them on a baking sheet to make it extra crunchy goodness.

I enjoyed with some Kite Hill almondmilk yogurt + raw honey + fresh blackberries + Nu Naturals cocoa syrup 🤤
I keep the rest in the fridge to enjoy later (aka in about 5 minutes 😜)